How does ozone water treatment work?


Ozone water treatment works by dissolving ozone into water and through the ensuing oxidation of bacteria and other waterborne pathogens. To better understand the process, it is best to first understand how ozone is created. Ozone is born out of oxygen. An oxygen molecule contains two oxygen atoms (O2), while an ozone molecule contains three oxygen atoms (O3). When electricity or ultraviolet light stream through air, their energy splits oxygen molecules into two oxygen atoms. The loose oxygen atoms then recombine with ordinary oxygen molecules to form ozone. In the upper atmosphere, sunlight interacts with oxygen to produce earth’s protective ozone layer. While closer to the surface, ozone is created when lightning strikes and electricity cuts through oxygen-rich air. Both processes are mimicked in ultraviolet and electrical ozone generators, which make ozone water treatment possible. Ozone can also be produced by electrolytic and chemical reactions, but UV and electrical ozone generators are the most common for water treatment.


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